January 13, 2013

The Gunners

Today, since I love football, I took an adventure to Emirates Stadium before the Manchester City vs Arsenal match to take some photos of the exterior. I didn't have a ticket, so I went searching for a pub. I found this place called The Gunners (notice the logo in the first photo) which is designed for standing room only, with the game projected on a screen for all to see.

The ceiling of the pub is hard to miss (photo below) and everyone's pure, drunken hatred of the opposing team was pretty obvious. 9 minutes into the game, Arsenal's Laurent Koscielny took out City's Edin Dzeko in the area. Referee Mike Dean quickly pointed to the spot and pulled out his handy red card. The pub erupted in screaming the most diverse variety of obscenities I have ever heard. This continued any time there was a close up shot of the referee or of Dzeko.

I didn't take out my camera until the second half, when I was able to sneak into some space right in the front of the group, giving me a nice scenic look of the pub. Arsenal struggled to get back in the game, making for some very frustrating fans at the pub.

Next week Arsenal play at Chelsea, and I will find my way into another pub.

I wonder what he has in the briefcase..

This is the ceiling of The Gunners Pub

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