April 30, 2014

Kentucky, Day 6 (4-30-14)

Well I skipped a post yesterday, exhaustion has caught up with me. I have three more days left and I'm pretty low on energy, I might have to survive off of some energy drinks for the rest of the week.

I'm just posting two shots tonight. I decided to try a different angle and go in the track kitchen at the turn for home to try to find a nice feature of the workouts. I managed to make a picture during the short minute or two that the sun peaked out. I think Wicked Strong is turning in to my favorite horse, I keep getting pictures of him.. and just imagine the announcer yelling his name. The other shot is a night tight one of California Chrome, the favorite at a 5-2 odds, with his workout rider.

I also made a huge step forward in my photo story and I hope to complete it tomorrow - I kind of have to because I have to shoot races and features all day Friday and Saturday. I'm going to post it once it is finished.

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