May 25, 2014

Having Fun With Track

The two weekends before the Belmont Stakes, I will be at IHSA State Track & Field Finals. This past weekend I wasn't shooting for anyone and I went down just for fun. Next week I will be shooting the boys meet for the Chicago Sun-Times along with another photographer.

Since I had no distractions of making sure I got certain athletes, I decided that I would just have fun with it. I tried a bunch of different things and now I know what I will do for next week's meet for when I'm actually working.

I used only three lenses for the shots below, 200-400, 15mm fisheye and the 35 f/2. Some of them aren't as successful photos as the others but I was really experimenting with trying new things today. The one shot I'm the most frustrated about is the first one. That was the only race where I was standing at the finish instead of sitting or laying prone, that that would have made it better. There is also a 1-2 sequence of a remote and a handheld of the 2nd runner-3rd runner baton exchange of the 4x100.

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